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Physical Therapy tailored to target the source of your pain and help you take control of your health and wellness

A physiotherapist provides physiotherapy to a knee

Joint Pain

Neck/Back Pain

A physiotherapist provides physiotherapy to help someone recover from limited mobility issues

Limited Strength or Mobility

A physiotherapist provides physiotherapy to someone experiencing back pain
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Physiotherapist Fraser Dods Turks and Caicos Islands

Physiotherapist Fraser Dods

B.Sc.P.T.,  Dip SPT,  Former NBA/CFL/NHL/Nat Ski team Physio

At Physiologic, I believe in helping you take control of your health and wellness. As a physiotherapist with over 25 years of experience treating everything from elite athletes to general injuries I have a great understanding of the human body.

Whether you're suffering from every day aches and pains, or recovering from a sports related injury or rehab, my goal is to get you back to feeling your best as soon as possible.

 I believe in treating the source of your problem, which may not be the site of your pain or symptoms.

As an alternative to repeated injections or adjustments, I use proven techniques with the goal to get you back to wellness with as few visits as possible. You'll rarely need more than 3 or 4 visits to resolve your problem.

Call PHYSIOLOGIC today for fast, effective treatment of your health concerns

(649) 941-4879

Frozen Shoulder

Neck/Back Pain


Achilles Tendonitis


Tennis Elbow


Post-Surgery Rehab




Knee Pain


Plantar Fasciitis


Rotator Cuff




Post-Injury Rehab

Conditions  Successfully Treated

Back Pain

Fraser was an angel that changed my life.  After years of chronic pain I finally have relief and solutions. 

Neurologic Trauma

I was almost immobile from a spinal cord injury but with the personal attention, positive attitude and overall professionalism of Fraser, my mobility, strength and balance have greatly improved.

Restored my mobility

I can't believe how few treatments I needed to restore my limited mobility after an injury. Fraser was professional and knowledgeable!

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