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Back Pain

After the Pain came an Angel

I don't know when I got my back injury, I just know that I have been living with it for at least 5-8 years.  I do not know what caused it but it has been a plague in my life for years.  I was diagnosed with Sciatica, I was told I needed to lose weight, which I tried with many diets but also proved terribly hard when the pain was so severe I couldn't walk much less exercise.  I was prescribed, took too many drugs, went to therapy, that was a waste of time. Had too many chiropractic adjustments which I don't know if it made it better or worse.  I had lost hope that I could be well again as young as I was, I almost gave up.  In 2022 I had an MRI which came back normal and the treatment recommended was pain management.  I went to an Osteopath for natural ways to get relief and he recommended Dr. Fraser.  This was truly a turning point in my life of pain and turmoil.  My first visit with Dr. Fraser was eye opening, and life changing.  He listened to me extensively, explained where the pain was coming from, and gave me treatment options that didn't involve hard drugs but a way to live my best life! A year in and I have been pain free for months-on-end, only visiting when I truly need him - which is at least 6 months apart. Dr. Fraser was truly an angel sent to heal me and I am indebted to him for giving me my life back!  Because of the treatment I received I have a healthy diet and exercise regime, I have lost 20lbs and am still losing, and I can use his tips to keep my pain under control.  Thank you will never be enough Dr. Fraser

R.H.  04/2023

Spinal Cord Injury

I am happy to pen this testimonial regarding the five years of physiotherapy spent at Physiologic Clinic under the supervision of Mr. Fraser Dods. I was almost immobile from a spinal cord injury but with the personal attention, positive attitude and overall professionalism of Fraser, my mobility, strength and balance have greatly improved. I am now close to walking independently! I am grateful for his keen supervision and look forward to staying the course at Physiologic Clinic to attain full recovery.


S.G. O5/2023

Post knee injury

After a knee Injury left me with pain and stiffness, Fraser was able to restore my limited mobility in just a few visits. He was professional and patient throughout and my knee is well on the way to a full recovery. Grateful for his expertise and treatment! 

M.C. 01/2023

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